Techno is more than a category of music, it is an attitude towards life. A generation experience, where personal backgrounds are not that necessary. That is why ìno infos, just musicî is the winged word of Berlin-based Michael Knop, whose latest project ìDistaleî is about to develop from an insidersí tip to a vital component of the scene.

Inspired by his first extraordinary nights in 2006/2007, Michael felt deeply connected to the clear and uncompromising sound. Kick drums like cannon beats, pumping experiences emphatically into one is mind and a not too highly accelerated tempo are determining for the dirty Distale sound today. Timelessness and an inevitable perfect acoustic, sober and reduced to the essential, but often with a loophole to honest and hugging emotions.

ìNo info, just musicî, right. But music is Distaleís info. Something that not only the labels like Senso Sounds, Upon You Records, Waveform Recordings and Paso Music internalized. Even the crowds on the dancefloors around always want to have the latest info. In other words: No techno tale without Distale.