Hamburg based DJ and producer hatzler aka Mathias Hatting started with various project-collabs on labels like Confused, Bush, Superstition and Spiel-Zeug in the late nineties.

Being influenced by electronic dance music like electro-funk in its early years, experimental „warp“ and Detroit Techno in the nineties and the rise of House and Techno in its many faces in the present days also fitting testimony to nearly 20 years of expertise in sound design and soundtrack composing.

Latest signings to Oliver Huntemann`label Senso Sounds (and former label Ideal Audio) as solo artist and in collab with André Winter were followed by a signing to Oliver Koletzki`s label Stil vor Talent debuting with a remix for Oliver Koletzki`s single “Iyéwaye” reaching Beatports Techno Top 100 position 2.